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Winter Wonderland and You.

The first time I saw snow I decided to do something reckless And in the chaos of my anger and sorrow In the chaos of my winter I met you   It stopped snowing on that day The sun shined all of a sudden I heard your voice Cold and slippery at first Then soft… Continue reading Winter Wonderland and You.

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School Quotes/ Anecdotes #1

I feel like I need to express and share with you everything that I'm feeling and hopefully some of you will learn or understand. So I basically transferred to a university, and I'm having troubles adjusting. The professors aren't that great, some just teach for the sake of money, some are just new and lack… Continue reading School Quotes/ Anecdotes #1


You know, I know you're reading this site right now because the link is in my insta. Uhm, I feel awkward right now because this is my site for strangers. And you might probably be might classmate(?) Perhaps? I don't know... but uhm... this is awkward ._. Enjoy my site I guess. You'll know me… Continue reading