Poetry/ Stories


I woke up, breathing, hearing, feeling, tasting and seeing. I woke up alive. I talked and greeted people, felt love and shared love. I ate and tasted, I spoke and laugh, I felt something, I felt emotions. I lay, I close my eyes, I see nothing. I open them and I see something. I read, I watch, I react, I think. I live.

I chat and I felt happiness, I met up with people whom I love, I see them, touch them, hear them and talk to them. I bid goodbye. I walked to the park at night. I looked up and felt like I was flying. I see starts that shined so bright, and they twinkle as if they’re twinkling at me. I felt the universe, and it’s alive. I felt life. I walked going back home. I looked up once more and felt life again, but something hit me hard. It seems that this was the last day of my life. I fell to the ground, and looked up to the universe, then I heard footsteps. A young man saying sorry. I felt bad for him, for he is so young and he feels like he has blood on his hands. I couldn’t move, I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. I looked him in the eyes hoping that my eyes will say “It’s not your fault, please continue to live and don’t look back.” But it seems like he wasn’t able to understand me, so he called. As he called he screamed and cried. As he lived, I died. I no longer felt alive. I feel dead. I left him, hugged him then I….



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