Poetry/ Stories

Artists, souls and you

I think of why I am here. 
I just simply find myself useless.
I have no purpose for my existence. I have no reason to live.
People tell me that I am important, that I matter. But do I really matter?
What did I ever do that made me so important? What am I to do?

These were my thoughts before I met him. Before I knew him, and fell for for him. I wondered why I am here, and maybe it is to paint my life beautifully. I am an artist. I turn everything into art. I turn something simple and common to something unique. If I can do that with things then maybe I can do it with life. I was sad. My canvass of life was still empty until he gave me purpose to my life. I live to love, I live to be beautiful. Real beauty is not perfection, but real beauty is imperfection. Real beauty is you. My dear, we live for someone who we do not know. We live for the person who needs us. We live for the people who love us. It is that one emotion that may be the cause of life and our very existence, love. Ever since I fell inlove with him, the universe changed. it never looked the same. I looked at everything differently than before, when I was alone. My dear, he made everything change. He made me want to live. He made me happy, free, limitless. I see him everyday. I wake up beside him, I sleep with him, I greet him, but most of all, I love him every day. My dear, we exist because of one soul. We exist because we find meaning in one person. We find truth in one soul. Never let your spirit be chained by limits, but always be free and fall inlove when you think he is what your heart chose. We live for someone, not for ourselves. Even after death, we are still one. For souls, such as us, are infinite. We have no beginning and no end. We, as humans, are only here to paint our lives beautifully. We only live to be artists. Do not question your existence my dear, for you will find purpose in the one soul who you love dearly. Now all you have to do is wait for that soul to love you.

~the artist in my heart


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