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Dear Parents…

When you’re a parent, there is this one thing that I ask of you, please don’t throw all your problems at your child. You’re child from the very beginning is innocent, pure, and unknowing. You can’t blame your child or anyone for your problems. You can only blame yourself. When you raise your voice you’re childish. If you scold your child then tell him or her and explain in order for him or her to understand. Don’t be so close minded to their feelings. They’re the same as you, just with a different age. Don’t be that way. When you have a child, it’s a blessing either way. When your kid tries to tell you his or her reasons, don’t call it excuses. Be open minded guys. Accept your mistakes or else life will tell you at a hard way. It’s your job as a parent to accept change and to teach your children how to cope up with it. Give up your ego with your loved ones, and when you don’t know how to answer a child’s question, just say that you don’t know. Don’t be prideful. Have honor and courage to accept your mistakes. Be a role model in the eyes of the innocent for they will follow your footsteps. There is no school for parenting, but life is your teacher on how to raise children. Accept life, and don’t be an aggressive person and resent life. You will find beauty in life and death. You will paint your life as an artist. My dear parents, you are still children of your parents and your parents are children as well. It’s not the age that separates our reasoning, but it is the age that makes us have respect. Before you let your child respect you, be a respectable person. Be a person who is humble and kind. A person who is brave and cannot be conquered by fear. Be you because everyone has an inner strength. A true self. My dear parents, it is our job to accept the reasonings of a child, and to accept our wrongs as a humble being. You’re not that different from your child. You are the same, now all you have to do is to understand.

~the mother


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