Poetry/ Stories

Fill me with life

I woke up and felt empty. I breathe, my heart beats, I think, I do what I need to do to stay alive. But am I really living? When I look around, I see people breathing, speaking, laughing but are they really living? I’ve seen pictures of amazing and beautiful places. I was saddened to know that I can’t go there until I work hard and have a steady income. I’m sad that maybe I can’t go there. I’m sad that I’m alone and I won’t last forever. I’m sad that the dream place won’t last. I’m sad that reality hits hard and the expenses for travelling and the people to be with. I’m sad that I can’t travel as much as I did with all the terrorist attacks, with all the bombing, with all the sickness, the wars. Why include lives of innocent people when you just need to talk things out. Is human kind that stupid to not settle things with talking?  I think people feed themselves off vengeance of revenge. They feel like they’re better than their enemy, but the truth is, is that they’re the same. The best way to be better than your enemy is to forget you even had one. Don’t throw away lives of innocent people all for your anger. The living matter more than the dead. You can never change the past. Live your life filled with joy, not deep anger or regret. Fill your life with people who you can be with. Forget all the bad, remember all the good because it’s worth it. Someday we will die, and let’s just die with happiness. Let’s tell death that I lived my life well, and didn’t waste a second of it. Didn’t waste a second of my time to unimportant people such as my enemies, but spent my time with my people, with myself. Go on adventures, the world is out there. Happiness is just around the corner. Solve your problems like their nothing. Live life with no regrets. Fill yourself with life, not death. Stop the war because it’s stupid. It’s idiotic, mindless, useless. War is one of humanity’s greatest idiocy. War is idiotic and we all know it. I guess stupidity is truly limitless. All the people who want war is idiotic. Thinking that life is just a game. Well you wont think life is a game after you die. My dear, don’t be stupid, be wise. Don’t let anger be there. Don’t think when you’re angry because you’ll do things hastily and say and do regretful things. Live my love. Paint your life and spread your wings. Fill everyone with life.

~the traveller


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