about me

Facts About Me

September 9, 2016

I’m 16. I enjoy literature, writing, reading, sleeping, eating, swimming, playing, drawing, listening to music (esp bts and other rock bands and kpop bands…and many more haha) and I like updating this blog and writing posts. I play the clarinet and I perform for my school. I like learning, but I hate studying. I have a bunch of cool friends (So glad I met them) and this where I’ll tell you my plans and stuff haha. Anyways, I’m 16 and I feel like I’m still that 13 year old girl. Oh boy, I don’t feel like I’m getting old haha. I’m not into ay serious relationship, and I don’t have a boyfriend which is fine by me. I wanna travel a lot and go to concerts. I also want to be an archaeologist someday as well as a doctor but I don’t know what to choose. I want to be an artist, musician, archaeologist and a doctor (idk what field tho haha) Biology has always been my greatest interest, but I feel like I’m losing it. I just want to study plants and be able to find cures to diseases. I hope I’ll be part of a research team and we’ll help the world one step at a time. I really hope that there will be no more new diseases because being sick is so hard. It’s like you’re alive, but you can’t “live”. It’s like sickness is limiting all of us that’s why I’m trying to be a good student. Not for myself, but for others.

Another fact about me is that I like taking pictures with my polaroid camera as well as with my digital camera. Also my phone from time to time. I wish I would have a water proof camera and a drone. A drone would be so cool. Anyways, I’m moving to America. Somewhere in Las Vegas. I’m living with my dad, and I’ll continue my senior high there. I hope I’ll have a fun time there. I love animals and plants and I wanted to be a zookeeper when I was young. Weird me. I have lots of interests that I can’t handle, but I won’t stop being interested in new things. Being fascinated/ interested in new things or hobbies or studies or whatever ain’t so bad. It isn’t bad actually. The mysterious is great. It’s so fun to explore the unknown. Anyways thats just me.

I wish that someday we will all have a teleportation device so that we won’t have a hard time travelling anymore. hee hee

This is Buffy, chat with you guys soon


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