Poetry/ Stories

Shatter Me

I woke up to you.
I see you smiling.
I thought you loved me too, but I was wrong.
You called me monster
Never looked me in the eye
I cried everyday, yearning for your love
I try to stay strong for you, but you didn’t do the same
You gave me away
You threw me away
I thought I would be
with you

Yeah, you threw me away
I thought you loved me, but it turns that love was just my hope
You were my mother, you abandoned me
called me a monster
You wished I never existed
Called me a curse
So I believed you
But I shouldn’t have
because the real monster was you

They came and picked me up
I was going insane
They placed me in a room
Where I heard voices that never went away
So I dreamed of an escape
Where a bird shall take me away
I want this nightmare to end
But it seems, this is my reality

I met a man who seemed like an angel
Little did I know, he was more of a devil
He made me meet a man, who was a monster
I escaped with the angel
and thought we were meant to be
but no
He, too, was a monster
So I ran

So run away, and leave me be
Go ahead and shatter me

I broke my bones
I felt so dead inside
I felt this loneliness in me
And wish that I died
So run away Juli
Just run far away
until you cant run anymore

Everyone that I trusted, lied
Everyone that I loved, hated me
I thought my nightmare finally ended, but it didn’t yet
I bumped into the monster
and I thought that he would eat me alive
But I was wrong
He wasn’t a monster
he was an angel disguised as a demon
He laughed and smiled
Showed me his scars and deepest pain
Realizing that we’re not so different
People believed that we were monsters
But we’re just angels in disguise

I fell in love with the monster that I hate
I loved him through the pain
One night, I kissed his demons away
And he fell into me.

So burn in me and love me
Go ahead and ignite my soul

Author’s note: This poem is inspired by the book  series “Shatter Me” by Tahereh Mafi
Please read it 🙂


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