Poetry/ Stories


“They told me it was wrong to have a boyfriend during high school, kinder, grade school. But is it really wrong? To me, I believe that a boyfriend isn’t someone your supposed to kiss, a boyfriend isn’t someone you’re supposed to have sex with. To me, a boyfriend is the one who makes you want to wake up each day, no matter how bad it gets. To me, a boyfriend is like the whole universe, beautiful yet deadly. Filled with life. To me, boyfriends aren’t types, but they are the guys, or girls, who will make you feel so complete. To me, a boyfriend is someone who understands you, accepts you, and just loves you. Love is so beautiful, and is so real. We all think that love is fake because of lust. We take love for granted. Love is unplanned. Love just happens without you knowing, without you expecting it. Love just happens to a special few. Love happens to people who deserve it. Don’t tell your child that it’s bad to have someone who completes you, tell your child that it’s bad to have someone who you lust for.

I never see love anymore. Seeing lustful people make me believe that love doesn’t exist. It would make me a fool to believe that there is no such thing as true love. My dear, true love does exist, but it will only happen when you deserve it. Love goes unplanned, but it’s the best thing about life. Love makes you feel alive when the world seems dead. Love makes you lust for adventure. Love makes you want to live even after death. So it isn’t bad to have a boyfriend, that is if that boyfriend is someone who you love. It’s weird to be with someone you just lust for. It actually defeats the meaning of love. My dear, love happens even after death. Love happens forever. Do not take the meaning and value of love for granted. Love isn’t to be messed with.”

~the daughter of Aphrodite


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