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Let’s talk about art

Hey guys, there is something that I want to share, and that is the story of my self- expression: art. (Basically, sketching)

Okay, my discovery of my talent started when I was six years old. Okay, we had a kindergarten teacher (I have no idea what is her name ever since I was 6) who gave us a drawing activity. She appreciated my drawing a lot because it’s good and I felt happy. Really happy haha. I didn’t get a long with that teacher, but she was pretty good? All I know is that 6 year old Buffy didn’t get along with teachers (I am just scared and terrified and awkward with teachers. kill me plez)

Anyways, I started to believe in myself because of what she said. So I started to believe that I am good in drawing. Then, I stopped believing when my new section with new people criticized my drawing. I know that criticism is a way of helping people, but criticism is also a way of…. destroying a person for who they are and for what they stand for. SO GUYS, DO NOT ALWAYS THINK CRITICISM IS A GOOD THING.

When my old classmates criticize me, I lost faith in my talent. Later when I transferred sections in Grade 7, boom. People appreciated me, they didn’t compare me with others and it was the best feeling. The other best part was that, they appreciated everyone. And I fell inlove with that. haha. Thanks Topaz 😉 And not to mention that my grandparents supported me for what I did. Thanks fam 🙂

So, I got back at drawing, and let me show u what I draw 🙂


I started drawing as a hobby and form of self-expression.

Drawing became my freedom. I didn’t draw something that would disrespect people or accuse people, but I drew when I feel like it. I draw with reference. Like I draw other people’s art. It’s copying and at the same time, it isn’t. My drawings will always be much more different than the original. My drawing will be its own original, but it can’t be my original idea because reference. There is no copyright with copying people’s drawings by drawing it again. There is only copyright if you claim a drawing to be yours when it isn’t. I believe that drawings will always be different from one another. They may look a like, but when they “speak” to you, they speak differently.

Making art is a form of self-expression. Just make good art. Good art doesn’t have to be pretty, but good art points out no criticism. Good art speaks in a way that makes people reflect not angry. Good art makes a person better not worse. Good art opens the minds of the people. When you make art, make good art.



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