Poetry/ Stories

So I wondered for a moment.

I was in my room sleeping, until you woke me up.
You called me on the phone.
You asked if I’m okay.
I said “Yeah, I am.”

Then you asked me if I love you
and I said “I don’t know.”

You were quiet for a moment.
You asked me why I didn’t love you.
I simply answered “I don’t know how love even feels like.”

You said “Love is when you’re scared to lose someone.”
I laughed and said “That’s jealousy.”
You got mad.
You said that you love me a lot.
You said that we will still love one another even after death.
I said “love blooms in unexpected times and places.”

You asked me “what do you mean?”

And I answered “you don’t love me, you expected me to love you.”
Love blooms in adversity.
If it’s expected
It isn’t love.

Love can only bloom through hatred
through pain
through difficulty
through life.

Maybe we are just alive to find love because love can only bloom through life.

~The girl who slept


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