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Everyone is a monster

I used to believe that monsters where something horrible. Beings with horrid appearances, but I was wrong.

Monsters lived inside me. They are part of me, living inside me. I didn’t accept it at first, I couldn’t believe that I was a monster. I cried knowing how evil I was. How cruel I can be. I felt so bad. I felt regret. I asked why a monster like me even existed. How was I given life when I am so cruel.

I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. All I see was a horrid face. A face of an angel with a demon inside her. I shattered the mirror into millions of pieces. I can never look at myself. Ever again. I can never be free because… I’m alive. With my decisions and temptations, I can never get rid of my demons. I can only control them.

I told myself to run. Run away Lara, run. Run as fast as you can. But I couldn’t escape them. My demons are like shadows. Turning up wherever I went. I cried, not knowing what to do. So this is what I will do.

I will change my demons and turn that part of me into something new. I will break free of these chains and fly away.

I shall fly and never die. I shall become a soul.

~ Larada


One thought on “Everyone is a monster

  1. You are absolutely correct. I’ve been thinking about “monster inside of me” quite a lot these days actually.. There is a short song about it:

    It used to be so simple;
    It was a world I understood.
    I didn’t know what I didn’t know,
    And life seemed pretty good.

    But now the darkness rises;
    From somewhere deep inside of me.
    Her power overtakes me,
    Can I keep this Midnight from getting free?

    If I can stay with the light,
    I know I’ll be free.
    And I can start to be whole,
    I can start to be me.

    But instead I am struggling
    With all that I see.
    And these friends
    Mustn’t see the Midnight in me!
    The Midnight in me!

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