Poetry/ Stories

About Love

I’ve met you before.
It was like any ordinary meeting.
We started as classmates.
Then we became seatmates.

It’s strange how close distance made us close to one another.
How it made me attracted to you day by day.
I’ve met up with your friends.
They became my friends too.
I was happy.
Thankful that I got close to you.

I’ve wanted to tell you how I’ve felt.
How your smile and laugh stay in my head.
How your voice echoes at night.
How you made a mark on my soul.
I’ve wanted to let you know how I felt.

Your beauty, intelligence, you.
I fell for you.
But I wondered if you fell for me.

Then one day I realized that
You and I are never meant to be together.
That I’m just your friend, and sooner or later
I’ll just become a passing memory.

I’ve seen how you look at the other guys.
How you laugh and smile with them.
I realized that I’m no special person.
In the end, I was just your “friend”

But I wanted you to know that
You’re always beautiful to me,
And that I love you so much.
But you will never feel the same way for me
For our souls shall never be one.


Author’s Note: Made this for a friend. Used the name Jin bc I don’t want to use his real name. Sorreh. Hope u guys like it 🙂


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