Poetry/ Stories


We were lovers going against the world.
We didn’t care about people.
We only cared about us.
You loved me and I loved you.

We planned an escape.
We promised to never tell a soul.
I had fun whenever I was with you, but I had friends to be with too.
I partied with my friends.
Made great memories.

But I missed you so much.
I said my goodbye to my friends.
And I ran to you.

You opened me to your arms.
We watched the sunset together.
We played with your dog, and we laughed to corny jokes.
I said “Love you.”
You said “Love you too.”

Little did I know that it would be our last “I love you”

I hanged out with my friend by the next day.
You said that you didn’t trust him.
But I truly did, and didn’t listen.
It was my mistake.

My friend killed me.
I should’ve listened.
I wish I could rewind time.
I wish I didn’t die.

I wish we were lovers again.


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