Poetry/ Stories

My Inner Demons [part 1]

I’m Iora. I will tell you the story of my inner demons. The demons that people gave to me, and the ones who I made for my own destruction.

I have my inner demon, and his name is pride.
I got him from people that I love. He came to me and lived in me for a long time. I… nourished him. Fed him sometimes. I forget that he is a demon, a being who only wants my destruction. I was so disgusted and blinded by him. I became someone who I didn’t want to be because of him. My demons are here to destroy me, and I have to fight them. So I fought them.

And it felt good to fight them. It felt like I was free. They’re hard to resist sometimes, but I really have to fight them, and make sure that they’ll never come back. I will kill them all before I die. I will be free and unbounded by the chains that they hold. I will fly away to the never ending sky and become one with the universe. My demons will no longer have power over me. I will have power over it, and I’ll hunt them down one by one. Looks like Pride is already dead.


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