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My Love can never be…

Do not tell me what to do or how to fall in love. Do not say to me of what I should do with my life. If I make decisions that I “regret” don’t pity me. I do not need pity. Pity from people can never rewind time. To be pitied is to feel pathetic and weak. Calling me a “pity” or a “shame” makes my heart roar with anger. I am a wild spirit. I am a lone wolf. I need no one, but I take care of the people who I allow to be members of my pack. I do not regret any decisions of mine because I did what I could do best. As a leader, mother, and daughter, I always think of everyone and not me. Not my feelings because I couldn’t care less about myself. Don’t pity a wild spirit, don’t pity a wolf or a person. Fill them with strength and encouragement, fill them with love. Do not pity me, do not beg to me, do not force me, for my anger is an emotion that no one has seen. Do not tell me whom to love and how I should love them. I love anyone who loves me. I do not force people to love me for I have no time for those people.

I want you, all of you, to be inspired by me. To see me as a mother. To see me as a woman of God. To see me as a leader. To see me as a wild spirit that can never be controlled by anyone. My love to my people is infinite. I do not state that I love them, but I simply show how I love them. I love them by lifting the weight off of their shoulders.

Do not pity me. I have been through so much pain that once you step into my shoes, into my life, you will cry and beg God to get you. Do not pity me, for you don’t know my pain, for you don’t know the meaning of my love.

I need no man, no people, all I need is me. All I need is to take care of everyone, and lift the weight off of their shoulders.

Do not pity me, for I have not begged nor cried a single tear. Do not pity me, for pain is nothing to me.

And this is the day where I shall stop trusting people of who I love. This is the day that I will listen to NO ONE. This is the day where I will be free, and even your metal chains can never bind me into this earth. This will be the day, when you will regret pitying me. This is the day when I will show you how wild my spirit is.

The day when I will show you, that I can put the weight of this world on my shoulders as if I feel no pain. Be careful of who you underestimate, everyone is going through an unseen hell.


Author’s note:
from now one
i shall put le notes

soo this was meant for a guy who pitied me for not being strong enough to confess to someone. i really wanted to say that dis is mah life bruh
aint urs -_-


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