Poetry/ Stories

Anger happens to everyone

“Mom! Why didn’t you pick me up? I waited for hours!”
(mom, why are you coming late? I’m so fed up with school and I just want to cry and go home)
“Don’t talk to your mom that way!”

“Ugh! Be more responsible! You’re my grandparents. Why aren’t you guys thinking things through?”
(Why do you have to give everything to me? I’m so tired and fucked up. Why can’t anyone understand.)
“Don’t talk to me like that!”

“You’re too young to get a boyfriend.”
(sweetie, we just want you to take care of yourself first.)
(I’m not ready to let my baby go)

“Why did you get this kind of grade?!”
(I’m working so hard for you, but you’re not doing the same)

When will anyone listen to their kids? When will kids listen to their parents? When will all of you stop shouting, and try to understand one another. You call your kids disrespectful, maybe you’re the ones who are disrespecting them. It can be the other way around, but treat them right. Treat everyone right. When people get mad at you, ask yourself why. It can’t always be about you. In fact, it may never be about you. Try and know why people get mad. Everyone gets mad. It isn’t bad to be mad or angry. It’s not bad to be human and to feel like a human.

People, try to understand everyone around you. It feels so good to be understood. Understanding people is better than saying sorry. Try to think for once.



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