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Let me tell you a life story. Well, my story actually. You see, I live with my grandparents, and I know that there is a thing called respect. Well, I believe that if you don’t listen it isn’t disrespect, but merely accepting your own choice. Making your own decisions isn’t prideful. Honestly, pride is just to be too proud to accept your mistakes. To think that you’re better than the rest. Pride is just simply over confidence. My grandmother thinks that I am filled with pride. I don’t blame her. I really don’t. It’s just that I prefer listening to myself and creating my own path. I prefer to experience it firsthand than listening to mere advice. I make my own decisions for me to learn. I understand if she thinks of me that way, but she believes that it’s disrespectful. Well, it isn’t.

I respect her as my grandmother. She may have her own flaws, but it is okay. I have mine as well. She is always making me somewhat angry. How she thinks drives me insane. I cannot comprehend how she doesn’t accept my choice and just calls me disrespectful. May I just shout these words into my head: “I am NOT  a ROBOT for you to ORDER or CONTROL. I am mere HUMAN being with a MIND. I am a LIVING soul, a WILD SPIRIT, that will NOT obey orders and WILL CREATE my own life, and I demand RESPECT of my DECISIONS and of my CHOICES. It is of MY circumstance to MAKE these choices. I am TRULY and DEEPLY sorry if you do not respect ME because I am just your grandson after all. I am just a CHILD after all, who knows NOTHING of this world. I truly appreciate and RESPECT your efforts to take care of me, but please, do not CONTROL ME. I do not control you. I give you advice but it is simply your PRIDE that makes you DEAF to my words. I guess the same goes for me grandmother. You and I are not so different, but I’ll let my child go if he or she doesn’t want to follow. After all, it is their life not mine. Their responsibility not mine. Please leave me alone grandmother, I do not want to hear from you anymore.”

In the end, we’re all just humans aren’t we? Who are we to judge? Haha, this world drives me insane. I wish God would just take me.



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