Poetry/ Stories

dear me

Dear me, when you read this, I hope you’re happy because you’ve gone through a lot of shit. Dear me, no one makes letters for you and tries to make you happy. They only make you happy when you say that you’re sad. You can’t blame them, they try to make your day better, but I know you know that happiness can’t be planned. Dear me, I know that you like this guy in school. I know that he is really handsome and has the spark in his eyes, but you may not be the one for him. He may like other girls, or you, but you will never know because you’re too afraid to ask. But you’re ready to let him go. Dear me, cherish your friends and stop regretting life. Life is just too short for you to live in such pain. Dear me, I know that your thoughts flood you with words and horrible images, but you live through it. Dear me, I know that your demons are powerful, but you show everyone that you’re strong. Dear me, many people love you, but you just don’t know. Stop planning and just start making decisions of today. Be reckless, fun, sensitive, caring, understanding, funny, idiotic, smart and who you want and need to be. Dear me, so many people will need you one day, please stay strong.



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