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Hear me roar

I want all of you to hear me. I want all of you to see me. I want all of you to think like me, and I wonder how long will one of you last inside my head. I don’t know the feeling of silence in my mind. I don’t understand the complexities of my spirit, but I understand every human being as if they were puzzles meant to be solved. I can know you in a single glimpse of your eyes, in a single flash of your smile, in a single move that you make, I can see it all. All your pain, happiness, sadness, anxiety, I can see right through you. You can’t escape my eyes nor my ears. I can listen to you when I feel like it and memorize our conversations when I wish to. Be careful around me because I can destroy you with a single touch. Although you can’t destroy me because I don’t even know my own weakness. I’m afraid that I may have none. Every pain, every obstacle strengthens me, when you try to destroy me, the truth is is that you’re just building me up to be greater than you’ll ever be. Don’t look down on me because you can’t, I’m already way above you. Don’t use me as a stepping stone because you can’t, I’m already a mountain. Don’t try and think I’m an annoying fly, because you can’t, I’m a beautiful dragon fly appreciated by all.

Don’t use me because you can’t, I can just use you to become stronger. You can’t destroy me. You can’t kill me because I know what your next move is. I’m not fragile. Destroy me and I’ll become something new. Kill me, but I’ll rise back filled with life. I’m afraid that all you can do is appreciate me, just as I have tried to appreciate you. All you can do is to accept me and love me, just as how I have loved you.

I want you to hear this. This is my roar of words. You have yet to see my roars that’ll deafen you.

But here me roar about my kindness. I don’t wish to destroy you, I don’t wish to be like you because it is against me and I will not stoop so low. I will still love you because you’re just a person in pain. You’re just a person that demands to be loved. And I’m sorry for all my shortcomings, but I truly warn you not to make me mad, sad, or test my patience or else you would be deafen by my roars. You would be deafen by my silence. I love you and I care for you, I truly do, and I understand when you don’t feel right sometimes. I know you cringe and regret your wrong doings, I know you feel guilt, but don’t be. You’re just a human being, don’t push yourself too hard.

“in every dragon, there is a soft heart deep within their soul.”

“in every anger shown, there is an act of sincerity and kindess.”

“in every smile, there may be a hint of evil”

Choose wisely, not all candies are truly sweet.



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