Poetry/ Stories

Just stay with me

Is it strange to be truly attracted to a stranger?
A stranger who secretly woes you and marks you as his?
A stranger who longs for you,
as you long for him.

He looked better day by day.
Ever since I started noticing him.
I stopped looking at him, but
he couldn’t stop looking at me.
He wouldn’t stop making me long for him to be with me.
To stay with me.

I don’t even know who he really is but
I want him to stay and be with me.

I want him to hold me
comfort me
kiss me
hug me
to stay with me

He made me feel so much in a single glance.
In a single touch.
In a single moment of my life,
he made me want him even more.

And I don’t think that I want him to stop.
I just want him to be with me, and love me.

Is it wrong to fall inlove with a stranger?



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