Poetry/ Stories

My reckless soul

I’ve been longing for freedom, friendship, smiles, laughter, life. I’ve been longing for every reckless moment that has yet to come. I wish to be free of this chains that bind me here in this cage. I will break free. I will fly away and touch the sky. I will be a shooting star that will roam the universe in a day. I will run all around our Earth. I will make people smile, and create beautiful art that they will never forget. I will create myself and I shall break away, and no one can ever chain me back to this place.

I’m sorry that I will leave all of you one day, but my soul cannot be contained in this body. I’m sorry that I will run far away and that I may not see the beauty in all of your smiles. No one can stay with me in this journey of mine because they’ll never make it. They can never follow me, only a few can.

Good bye my dear friends, lovers, family, everyone. I will start my journey to freedom, and no one can ever see me again.



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