Poetry/ Stories

Being tired

I’m tired
Physically, mentally, but not….
truly tired.

I’m not tired of living
I’m not tired of opening my eyes and seeing life.
I’m not tired of doing the “same” things all over again.
I’m not tired at seeing people smile, laugh, sing, dance, living.
I’m not tired, but my body is just tired.

I won’t back down just because of a fever, an eyesore, a sore throat, of sickness.
I won’t back down.
If I want to live my life.

I want to smile, to laugh, to cry, to feel something.
I want to be me, and live till my time runs out.
Sadly, the world will not let me be me so easily.

The world will thrash me
throw be to the ground
burn me
shatter me
push me and step on me
but who cares

Why would I simply care because of this
Why would I cry because of this
Why will I cry because I’ve been beaten, hurt, stabbed, killed
Why not live and let go?
Why should I cry and mourn over my pain?
The pain won’t stop if I won’t let go.
It will linger if I won’t move on, if I won’t live.

Why not let go of the past, accept the pain, and think of the present and do the present?Why think of the future when we aren’t the ones planning our life?
Why won’t we just smile and live now, not later, tomorrow, soon
just live now because we will all die one day, and that day might be “later, tomorrow soon”
Don’t miss your chance to live

We don’t have the time
We don’t have eternity on our side

It’s okay to be tired, but don’t back down
Never back down

Just live because what else is there to do?
And death is not the choice.
Why be so impatient for death to come?
Death will come soon, and you’ll regret begging it to pick you up because
you will regret not living your life.
Death is not a choice, an option, it is something inevitable.
Stop wishing for it to come early because life… life is the choice.



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