Poetry/ Stories


The bitter taste of failure
the bitter taste of this outcome
the bitter taste of your dreams not coming true

But is it bad to fail?
or is it good?
I think that failure makes us strive harder to avoid it.
Failure, the misunderstood outcome

Pain, the misunderstood villain

It all makes us grow into someone new, doesn’t it?
We could never grow without pain
Without something breaking us in order to make us more beautiful.
The emotions that make us appreciate all we have.

I.. I’ve failed many times in my life, and it never bothered me.
I appreciated it, even.
It thought me how to grow
How to smile

No, failure isn’t the bad guy, it’s fear
Over confidence

Don’t misunderstand emotions
The bitterest of emotions are the ones that makes us grow
Never trust the sweet emotions, for they kill us secretly.

Appreciate life, love, no matter how bitter it is.


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