Poetry/ Stories

To all the people who hurt

This is to all the people who hurt.
This is for all the people who felt pain.
Who are hurting, crying, dying.
This is for you.

When you were born, you are born as a gift.
Not to your parents, but to the world because who knows what  you can do.
You were alive and you could dream.
You have the ability to make your dreams come true.
It made you smile, dance, laugh, cry.
Then there was pain that came along the way.
Pain from people you love, from people you don’t know, from people
who had dreams like you.
Who laugh, cried, smiled
just like you.
You learn to hate them
to forgive them
to love them knowing that it was never their fault.
It was the world that made them this way,
and we can’t blame the world either.
The world is our place where we fulfill our dreams,
Where we can be happy or sad
where we can live.
So you stop thinking of the hate,
you start appreciating all the beauty of the world
you will start living again.

Pain isn’t you enemy, neither is it the people who inflicted it on you.
Your worst enemy is
People give up because it is more comfortable,
more better than feeling pain.
Let me tell you that the best friend you’ll ever have is pain
because it shapes you,
makes you who you are.
It makes you live harder, make life worth fighting for.
Live in pain to appreciate all the good things in life.
Pain isn’t your enemy, it’s your friend.
It’s your friend because it teaches you on how to live
and fly.



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