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Could’ve been you

Hey, this is for you.

I liked you since a while back.
I wanted to talk to you but I guess I never had the courage.
I was afraid.
I felt like I could seek refuge in you.
You felt like home to me.
I…maybe I loved you.

I was so unsure of you because I was scared.
I didn’t know who you are.
I didn’t fight for you.
I even disliked you for a moment.
But I still fell for you.
A part of me stayed with you even when I went to others.
My heart chose you even if I didn’t.

I wanted to choose someone else, but love isn’t my choice.
Love has never been my choice.
It brought me to you.

I didn’t chose you,
my heart did.
The question is, did your heart chose me or was it your mind.
Your brain.
I hope not, the brain isn’t an expert in love.
It’s the heart,
always has and always will be.

I never knew that I have been inlove with you for…
many years.
I chose to ignore it,
to ignore the feeling of it,
but my heart chose you.

My heart chose you even when you went for others.
I was always there.
You just never saw me.
Did you refuse to see me?
Do you hate me?

I can’t hate you.
It isn’t my choice.
I love you.
I still do.

But I see that you don’t.
And you won’t make an effort.
I guess, this is goodbye.
Oddly, it doesn’t hurt me anymore.
Maybe I’m just numb, or it isn’t goodbye.

You know,
it could’ve been you.


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