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Travel Diary: Japan

On April 12, 2017, I arrived at Narita Airport. Oh no! It’s my face haha. Please forgive my fashion sense. When I travel, I just pack, wear anything and go.20170412_184044.JPG

This is my third time being in Japan, and that country feels like a home to me already. I’m so familiar with the subway, streets, people, I just need to learn the language haha.

So I saw a lot of beautiful places in Japan and I ate a lot of yummy food, and the country is so pretty and it makes me want to live there and visit it again and again.

And one of the best things was that there were cherry blossoms just in front of my hotel ❤

Not to mention that it was freezing outside. I was wearing two thin jackets on me so I was shivering and my fingers were getting numb. I thought it would be hotter in Japan but I was wrong. Well it is warm during the day but cold during the night. That’s spring for you haha.

The next day, we went around Akihabara to buy some goodies. By that I mean toys like Godzilla.


Akihabara is known as the anime city or the anime center of Japan because all anime related stuff are found there. It was fun to walk around the ‘city’. I don’t know if it’s a city because it’s all part of Tokyo City so.. yeah. I just searched, it’s a district… a really big one. So we went around Akihabara then went home at 3 pm. Note: I call hotel: home, makes it more familiar and safer haha. So we rested then we went to eat dinner. After dinner, we went outside to see the cherry blossoms and go around the park.

Eventually, we landed at Tokyo Midtown, then Roppongi Hills. But by that time, everything was closing.SAM_0043.JPG

We went back to the hotel pretty late then ventured somewhere else the next day.

So by day three, we went to an old restaurant. A really really old restaurant. It’s more than a hundred years old, cool right?

Then we go searching for Godzilla around Ginza district. As we walked, we looked around the pretty park.


Then we found Gozilla. He was so huge..


Just kidding, he was really really small haha.



My cousins were laughing so much haha, even I was. I was like, no way…. you’re joking me. We walked so far for this haha.

By the next day, I headed to the famous market. There were so much people and it was tiring. Although the food was good.


After having some fun eating and shopping time at the market we went to Imperial Palace. While on the way looking for the taxi, we chilled by the stairs.


It was so cool watching the view. And let me tell you that the wind felt good.


Then we arrived at the Imperial Palace. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to enter. It was fun though.


Then, I fell inlove with this Cherry Blossom Tree. It was so beautiful.

After visiting the Imperial Palace, we went back to Roppongi and ate there.

By the next day, we went to look for music stuff at Ochanomizu. A music district. Let’s just say I bought a lot of clarinet stuff. Then we went to Odaiba and it was amazing. The trip just got better and better.


Beautiful tulips were growing instead of Cherry Blossoms. Even if Japan is usually famous for its Cherry Blossoms, the tulips are still beautiful to see. I bet Japan would be more beautiful during the summer, although the cherry blossoms would be gone by that time.

We were supposed to be searching for Gundam, but the shop was moved to a new place. So I just went around and bought a lot of knick knacks and clothes hehe.


We went to a cool mall near diver city. Still in Odaiba. It was really really pretty inside. And there was a car show too. Then we went to the building where cars were being showed. Not only cars, but future automobiles as well. It was cool. Then we went out to another mall to view the rainbow bridge.


While we were on our way to the mall, we passed by a cool looking place somewhere at the park. It was water vapor but cold. I don’t know how to explain it. It was really cool and we kept running through it again and again. I felt so young at that time. I loved it.


This is the view of the bridge while we were on the way to the resto. I didn’t took any pics  at the rest because I was tired..sorry haha.

Theres also the Fuji TV station, but I can’t post a vid of it 😦
It’s a cool building because it would play some stuff in a pixel way together with music. Awesome ❤

Then by the next day, we went to Tokyo Skytree! Yay 🙂
We chilled at starbucks first, then we went up up and a way. Literally.

Apparently, I only took videos and my site doesn’t suppost videos. Peace.
But here’s me and my goofy cousin.


I was kinda scared because we were up so high. We went until we were 450m above the ground. It was exhilarating. Not to mention that I stood on a glass floor. Yep. 😉 I’m cool that way haha.

Then we ate at a yummy shabu shabu resto. After that we went home.

Then by the next day, we went to the best place of them all: TOKYO DISNEY!!! ❤

We had such a fun time riding roller coasters, other fun rides, watching mermaid shows, seeing ariel, seeing cool almost real animatronics, firework shows and many more.

Here are all the pics to sum it up




And then we went home.

Japan was amazing to experience again. I really love that country and I would want to visit it again. Apparently, my cousins want to visit it again so… woohooo.

That’s all guys 🙂



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