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The meaning of life is up to you

We’re born in this world with a so called ‘purpose’ that we don’t know. We don’t know why we’re here, we don’t know the meaning of our existence, but it doesn’t mean that we’re nothing. It doesn’t mean that we are just living organisms, just packs of walking organs, just biological robots, because we are more than robots. We are human beings. We are souls that has a depth of feeling, that has rationality, that has beliefs, that has life. We are alive and we are part of this beating universe. The universe isn’t a robot, life isn’t robotic. Our organs may have functions, but those functions are there for us to continue living. Our body is our tool for our soul. Don’t say that you’re a robot, your body may be a robot but you’re not.

The meaning of your existence falls entirely on your shoulders. It is your choice to question life, or it is your choice to live it. Your purpose is all on you.

You are the meaning of your existence, you are the reason because you are living this life. You are living it right now.

Don’t find meaning in life, create it.





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