Poetry/ Stories

When I think of you…

On this day when we part as lovers and arrive as friends once more,
I wonder of how much you think of me.
I hope and pray that you would still love me and want me somehow.
I pray that I can have you again.
What we had may not be love,
but it could’ve been the start of it.

I lost you at the moment when I least expected it.
I lost you when you said that you weren’t happy because
I wasn’t more like you.
I wasn’t interested in your favorites,
but I could’ve been if you…
just gave me the chance.

You didn’t.

I could’ve been interested in the new things.
The things you loved and were passionate about.
We could’ve dreamed,
we could’ve talked about our dreams in awe.

Our relationship wasn’t just flirtatious,
it could’ve been more.
More than anything.

It could’ve grown,
we could’ve loved each other.
But you had to give it all up because you were scared.

When I think of you, I hate you.
I hate that you never truly did love me and see our love the way I did.
I hate you when you didn’t see the potential in our love.
In what our love could’ve been.

I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!
but I love you more than my hate.

Whenever I think of you, I think of everything that we lost.
I think of the future.
I think of us.

But there is no us.
Just you and me, forever apart.
Just you and me with the love that was long lost.
Just you and me, and you’re slowly killing me with
the memories of you.

When I think of you, I die from the pain of a heart once whole.


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