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Taking a big leap

When you’ve been to the same school all your life with almost seeing the same people year by year and having the same teaching methods day by day, it gets tiresome, yet you’ll miss it because you know that your childhood, and junior high school life is over. But in all honesty, I would rather have different experiences than experiencing the same thing again and again like a loop. I hate and despise loops. I like new days, new experiences, although I am stuck in a loop myself. Being here day by day unable to be free because I can’t be independent yet. I can’t be alone yet, but I yearn to be alone and to find someone who I can find comfort with. Someone I can call home. Sadly, I haven’t found that someone yet, all I can feel are my dreams.

I hope I’ll find that person as I journey through my unknown path, my unknown destination. I wish life could be easier, sadly, we have to work for something we truly want. We have to fight our fears and stay strong. We will meet new people, we will be forgotten, remembered, loved, and so much more. There is so much more to life that we all don’t know.

I’m taking a big leap towards an unknown road, towards an unknown destination, I’m walking the path of life just like everyone else. I will not stop, I will not have fear, I will fight, I will live.


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